Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Industrial Training

Good news about my industrial training,
1st,im back to jb..Can spend most of my time with my mummy, daddy n elder bro..
2nd,Can eat home cook food n no need to think of what to eat as my mum will take care of it most of d time...yUmMy~(talk bout, im hUngRy d..but still cant eat cus im still in office). :(
3rd, As im in jb, i Can catch up with my sec school good frens........Ooiii..where r u all? (Debbie,Jenny, Cheryl Tan,Cindy,Huei San n many more..)

But when there's good thing in life,there will be bad too...My not so good about my industrial training will be..
1st,Everyday i need to drive so far as my house n work place is located far from each other..4o over km..go n come bek...
2nd,i got a web design n application programming FIRM. As now i'm taking Electronics Engineering course majoring in bio-instrumentation, it's a bit out of field for me to do training there. i dun even noe how to do web design n programming..die..-_-..But what can i do? MMU d chosen me to go that company(Akyweb Solutions Sdn Bhd)..So just bear with it for 3 month la..

Time passes very fast. It's already the 3rd week of my industrial training, Actually, i found out that it's not that bad to do my training here...All my collegues here are nice...n i get to learn how to design a website using adobe photoshop CS(u'll be amazed on how u can turn a ugly girl to beautiful girl using this software..haha...) as well as employ ASP programming in the web. It's fun to design n programme website as u can c ur own master piece at d website..It's a sense of satisfaction for me..haha....:p