Sunday, December 23, 2007

Enjoyable and unforgetable experience during Miss Malaysia Pageant staying

21st April to 1st May 2007, all the State Finalist needed to be at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa before the Grand Final of Miss Malaysia Pageant on 30 April 2007.

21st April to 23rd April 2007

On 21st April 2007 (Saturday), 10:00 am, all State Representatives will have to report to the Organizer at the hotel. In the morning, from Malacca, Desmond fetched me there. I was the latest to reach there…around 10.20am.

Blame on me, haha… I thought everyone will be late(Malaysian timing), so I leave Malacca at 8.30am.

When I reached there, the chaperon asked me to do my own make up first as we will have our 1st photoshooting. The first thing that come to my mind….????!!!????.......haha…..The professional make up artist will come later, but we have no time to wait for them. So, when they come, they will just do touch-up for us. Wah….when I see the other contestants, they really know how to do their own make-up compared to me. Haha… But, it’s all right.

So, from day 21st April to 23rd April, these 3 days, we spent our time doing photoshooting. We did our own portrait photo, sponsors photoshooting, scenery shooting as well as group photos. In this event, our sponsors are Bata, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Sogo Departmental Store, Airellies Skin Care, United Print Process, Bonita, Adora Rodel, ecoBrown, Thomas&Guys, Mayflower Coach, Nobel Cast Producer, and Kai professional make-up.

me and sexy Vinno from Penang

sexy le...

my room mate chloe....she's pretty isn't she??

sweet sweet Joanne from Perak and I

Caren from Perak and Samantha from Penang

Jia Ling from Pahang and me..

Vinno and i

Scenery shooting...

One of the shooting for sponsors..

Half of the group photo

At night, we learnt hand language of Michael Jackson, ‘Heal The World Song’ as well as dancing steps to be perform at our sponsor preview show.

It was a tiring schedule as time is very tight for us but it was fun and we turned in early every night at around 11pm.

24th April 2007

On 24th April, we went to meet the press with our Batik Wear at the Sunway Resort Swimming Pool. The press from various newspaper such as NST, The Star, Malay Mail, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew, etc will choose few of us to be interviewed. The questions they will ask are like, “What makes you join this competition?”, “What have you learn so far?”, What do you expect from this competion?” etc…

Group photo with our batik wear..

After the press meeting, we quickly went to toilet, change to a V-neck shirt and black mini-skirt. We headed to a room and meet with the Press again. This time, everyone was needed to introduce themselves and later the Press interviewed the VIPs of this event.

After the press meeting room, we get to meet the Tourism’s VIP outside the room. In the evening, we learnt the sequence of walking as we needed to do our preview show the next day.

25th April 2007

We did our 1st preview show at the Bata Outlet of Mid Valley. From this preview show, they will choose the Miss Beautiful Leg Subsidiary Title. We wore a V-neck shirt and a black mini skirt. There are 3 rounds of walking. A lot of people gathered at the Bata Outlet to watch us parading the shoes and handbags.

The Star press shooting...
From left:Audrey my roomate,Samantha,me and Joanne

When we got back to the hotel, we had our dinner at the hotel...

At night, we continued practicing our dancing.

26th April 2007

Today, our preview show will be for United Printing Process. The preview show is at a restaurant. Before the show, we had our dinner first at the ground floor.

While waiting for the food to be served, we girls start snapping our pictures...

Julie and i

Cute Justina from KL and i

Instead of posing properly..we girls go crazy.....hehe...


haha....bloated fish!!!

After playing, me gets quite bored.....

1st shooting.....







haha....okla...proper shoot....


Later, we went upstairs to do the preview show. The atmosphere was great. It was a dark soothing room and we did the show there. For introduction round, we wore black dress. 2nd round, we wore evening gown. After that, we had our dinner again!!!! Maybe can consider supper! Haha..

Some of the photos while waiting to do the show in the waiting room...

me, Seok Bee and cutie Vinno

Beloved Justina and I

Valerie from JB(yeah...Jb rOcks!), Justina and i

Taken with Cindery from Malacca

Posed with the 2 Pahang girls...Jenny and Collins aka Jolin look alike..

Group pictures...

27th April 2007

Today is our pre-judging day. It was a different experience. As everyone of us are interviewed individually in a room. The room is like a CLC room. (If you are a MMU student, you should know what kind of room I’m describing.) It was a bit scary. As the room is very cold, and the attire we needed to wear is evening wear. Luckily not swimming wear..haha..if not I will turn to ice!!!! So we did our rehearsal few times on which entrance to go in, how are we going to sit, intro etc.

Individually go in the room, the contestant will need to sit on the chair which located on the stage. In front of you will be 11 judges. The pre-judging starts and when reached my turn, I was a bit worried when I reached the stage because my long dress stuck at my heels. Haha…luckily I manage to get rid of it fast. As soon as my butt landed on the chair, I introduce myself and the judges started asking me questions. Luckily, I manage to break the ice and I was satisfied with my performance. This pre-judging consist of 70% of overall event. 50%-beauty from head-to-toe(height,complexion etc) and 20%- communication skills.

Picture of me before go inside the judging room(1 photo only..cus that time no mood take picture..haha)

Later at night, we went and do another preview show for Lioness Club dinner. For the first show, we did the hand language of ‘Heal The World’ with candles on our hand, 2nd round- dancing with black dress and heels.

28th April 2007

Today, we did our talent show rehearsal. At night, we did our talent show in front of the Lioness Club people.

Julie and I

4 of the best shows will be chosen and needed to be perform on the Grand Final and Best talent will be chosen there.

For me, I did a belly button dance…and it was fun…

Jia Ling and i

I love the cheongsam!!! It's very elegant wear...

Sexy babylicious Valerie....

29th April 2007

Today, we did our preview show at the KL Sogo Departmental Store. From there, they choose the Miss KL Sogo Subsidiary Title.

At night, we did our preview show for Airellis Skin Care.

Taken in the bus before the Airellis preview show..

Miss Airellis Radiant Skin subsidiary title was chosen.

Later, we practiced our new dancing steps to be perform on the next day for the Grand Final. That's right...1 day before! That’s why, we need to digest it everything by today…

30th April 2007

Grand Final of Miss Malaysia Pageant was successfully complete.

Overall, the staying at Sunway Resort was great. We were treated nicely, Great Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Everyone of us stay there becoming fatter and fatter as the food is really nice and we eat our meal on time. Imagine, breakfast at the hotel, we get to eat buffet of porridge, bun, roti canai, mee hoon, nasi lemak, western style and many more. Lunch and dinner(packed food)– Seafood/Chicken/Beef Spaghetti, Lamb chop, Mc-D set, rice and dishes, Fried rice with chicken wing,hotdog and vegetables, Wan tan ho, etc...We also had Japanese buffet and went to few restaurants with great chinese food.

I really enjoyed my staying there, the room was also very nice. But what I want to say, through this competition, I really learn a lot, in terms of communicating and staying with people, learn how to dress ourselves well etc. It’s something you can’t buy and everyone of us, is already winner in the heart...

p/s- Never take much pictures, because I never bring my own camera and we had no time to take our own picture also. Haha..:p. So, hope you all enjoy la…


Guan said...

You mei liang xin lar~~ That time sms you also tak reply!! Aii... Miss you so much that time.. [Kena submit assignment mar!!] haha... Anyway,, keep those experience lar, in future can tell ur cucu stories mar~~~ wakkaka!!

eunice said...

guan:haha...cute la you...thanks for everything me with assignments....
sure..will tell my cucu my stories...about an interesting character girl name yen ching*...^_^

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