Sunday, July 6, 2008

MMU friends photos...

15 May 2008 was our Bio group last Final Examination paper in MMU. So, on 17 May, Yen ching, Alex and others have organized a BBQ party at Alex house. To cut everything short, i will just post up some photos taken.

Yen ching posing with her drink make especially for her by Alex

Lovely Karen and I

Sweet Hui Hui

Taurus Girlz..

The group photo of us who have make the BBQ party a success (Su yin is missing here..;p)

Then, the next day, we had also organized a steamboat dinner for few of us and we had fun till late at night.

The following day at 10 in the MORNING, we gathered at MMU to take photos as Yoke Mun is going back on that day and this explains why our face look like not enough sleep...

me, Yen ching, Yoke mun and Su yin.. SMILE~

Yen Ching imitating the tree

We are free....

Friends for life~

Ixora catalogue~

In front of MMU library


Goodbye library~

Yoke Mun and Ai zhen

Yen ching with her UNEXPLAINABLE feelings when Yoke mun is leaving ...HAHA

Lastly, Ai zhen giving a goodbye kiss to MMU..@_@


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